Friday, October 16, 2009

I seriously LOVE clocks!

I was recently shopping and found a fabulous clock that I really felt I NEEDED for my house. My problem is when I thought of it, I couldn't figure out where to put another clock. It was when I got home that I realized that I LOVE clocks. You just can never have too many. The above clock is on the wall in my family room - so many clocks all on one clock! How cool is that?! This one my hubby got me for my birthday. I love it but I cant seem to fix the pendulum. It works but the dang thing wont swing. I keep thinking that I need to paint the wall behind it so it will stand out more. Do you paint a wall just for a clock?
I have this clock in my dining room. It belongs to my Aunt but I get to keep it in my house. I love, LOVE the chime. I would have a clock chime every 5 min if I could. The best sound on the earth!
On the wall between the kitchen and family, I have this clock. Just so classic and simply charming.
This last picture is the big clock in my kitchen. I have 2 of these, the other one is upstairs. I also have another smalled one in the kitchen as well. I do not like to not know what time it is before I have my coffee.
There are several more clocks in my house. Too many to put them in my blog. I am still trying to find rooms to put them in. Oh well.
What do you love?

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