Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lighting the fireplace

It was raining out today and finally cold enough that I do believe that the air conditioner is off for the year. After much soul searching and agonizing over the heating bills that came in the mail last year, I am going to try warming the house with our fireplace instead of turning the heat on.
I lite the pilot light and got it ready to go. Which means pushing the button for twenty minutes trying to get the dang thing to actually light, finally getting the flame to come to life (insert ahhh moment here), and then 2 hours or so of what the hell is that smell. By the end of the day tho the fire looked nice although I did watch a dead moth cremate behind the glass. Im good to go for fire whenever I want to go over and flick the switch on the wall. Seriously the best invention on the planet.
Overall Im so excited. I love the feeling of comfort a burning firplace brings to the house. I would love to think that on rainy days I will be curled up on the couch with a fluffy blanket, a cup of really great coffee, my teenage children all cuddled around me SILENTLY engrossed in books, and my own book that actually keeps my attention, but in all fairness reality sets in and I realize I spend most of those days picking up the kitchen, tackling the laundry, or yelling out "who left this mess here?". Hey! a girl can dream!
The above photo is a very blurry bad picture of my fireplace from the family room. It was difficult to take as my son did not want me to disturb his 30 min of Spongebob Squarepants before bed. My fireplace is placed in-between my kitchen and family room which I LOVE and think is wonderful.
My kids and I used to do peek-a-boo through the glass when they were younger but dont so much anymore now that they are teenagers. I dont think it would go over well with my son and his friends if they happened to glance up from the XBOX to see me waving at them through the glass. Seriously, all those things you did in front of your sweet precious kids that made them giggle and laugh till they fell over....try doing that when their teenagers and see what happens! You not only get a look but they also tend to call you a dork. (actually Im sure its something else but Im not up on the current term that defines dork). Do something embarrassing in front of your teens AND their friends and not only do you get a look but they then have to pretend you dont exist. By embarrassing this could mean saying hello to all of them as you are picking them up from school. Anyhow I am getting off my topic.
This is my fireplace looking at it on the breakfast nook side. Sorry these are not great pictures, I had to use my cell as my camera is so dead. I want to put vinyl lettering on the mantle wood part above the fireplace as soon as Im struck with inspiration as to what that may be.
My sweetheart of a husband took us up to the mountians for a picnic and as my daughter and I were walking back to the car we noticed him picking up pinecones and putting them in a bowl. Not only did he remember that I was wanting pinecones (I had an odd craving), he remembered to bring a bowl to put them in. WOW. MAJOR WOW. So that is my bowl of pinecones on the counter.

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