Monday, October 19, 2009

Makin Cookies!

If my kids could have their way (and my husband for that matter), they would have me making peanut butter cookies every night of the week. After spotting these peanut butter cookies at the idea room, well I knew I had to try them. It was actually easier said than done because I ran to 2 stores looking for them before my hubby picked me up a bag at Albertsons. I figured that peanut butter cookies would really hit the spot after a long day at school and homework after school. My son lighting up when he saw the recipe sealed the deal.
I made the peanut butter cookies and this is a picture of them cooling on the racks. My kisses ALWAYS seem to melt flat, but trust me no one seems to care! Another really good idea and my hubby's all time favorite is using Carmel kisses on the peanut butter cookies.
I wanted to add this picture of my niece and nephew having desert at my house tonight. Sammy had come over to play while my kids were eating their desert (skinny kids = pushing a big dinner AND desert). She kept walking around my kitchen making little comments about how she wished she could have one too. The desert was leftover chunked chocolate birthday cake layered with pudding. When she left to go eat dinner at my parents I made another one really quick for her brother. They were very excited when they walked in and I had theirs ready. Too cute!

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