Monday, October 12, 2009

My Halloween decorating weekend

I feel like Im in school writing an essay on what I did over the summer. Actually what Im writing about is what I did over the weekend. My kids were gone over the weekend and the house was quiet. It was the perfect time to listen to whatever I wanted on the ipod and relax and craft away. I missed my kids but I will say the weekend was wonderful. I will further explain how I did certain projects if anyone wants to know but since my blog is new Im not really sure anyone is reading these. lol I add that most of these projects are easy peasy! The above photo is the small table behind the couch. You see it as you enter the family room. I bought a package of dollar store skulls and put them into a glass jar. See! easy. I then wanted a witchy plate. I couldn't find a witchy plate that I liked so I ended up grabbing a dry erase pen and free handing a witch on a broom. It is rough, but works for me. I then found a welcome sign and spray painted it black as well. I then finally wrapped the lamp shade with white gauze and added googly eyes. I spray painted them with glow in the dark spray so they glow when the lights are turned off. Sort of cool but I couldn't get a pic of them to show up. On the lower level I added a skull I had and a large spider.

I then had these small southwestern jars that hung on a long string. There were just plain ugly. I decided to cut them apart and paint them. I used some labels I downloaded (please forgive me I will link it as soon as I can remember where it was) and glued them to the front after I painted the jars black. I then aged them with brown gel and grey paint. I made several of these and added them around my bookshelves.

I then decorated my desk with a dollar store frame painted black and a pumpkin cut in half and glued on. I also picked up a couple black roses and put them in a black vase I happened to have.
This is the table in my kitchen. I took an old lace curtain and aged it with coffee. I then mixed paint to the shade of red I liked and then spattered it all over. It became my bloody tablecloth. I then found a lazy Suzann out in the garage that was my hubby's and was old and brown. Black paint makes everything better!!
I then decorated it with plastic mice (dollar store) and dog bones painted white to look like bones. I then thought it needed something so I painted some old glass candle sticks that I hated. I'm going to add some "bloody" candlesticks soon.
So far the house is starting to look good - plus it was alot of fun.
P.S. my hubby got into it and started to put the rubber mice around things for affect. I think he did an awesome job!

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