Friday, October 30, 2009

Severed Finger mac and cheese for dinner tonight!

I served a severed finger (cut up hot dog) im my kids mac and cheese. The oh gross mom was soooo worth it. Im trying to relax and enjoy the holiday.
My daughter is still trying to decide if its "cool" enough to go trick or treating like this. I think she makes a cute hunter girl and I want her to stay warm outside. I know the pic is fuzzy but it was hard taking a picture of a moving and complaining target.
Earlier we were bored and decided to try some fun face painting. I love this one!
Later on we went a bit crazy and I did an entire underwater scene. See what we do on a day off from school! LOL

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jenjen said...

Wow - that severed finger mac and cheese is creepy! I love those faces you did!

Happy Halloween!