Saturday, October 3, 2009

Starting my BLOG

Why is it that today of all days (the day when I was going to spend all day crafting, cleaning, cooking for my kids, and trying to figure out how to start my own blog) I end up in pretty much gutting my entire kitchen trying to figure out where the dead mouse smell is coming from. Oh yeah, as much as I love fall, I dont love all the critters heading indoor for warmth. If it was like having the Littles live in the back of some forgotten closet I probably would be ok with it. I am a pet person. BUT NO, its nasty, just plain smelly dirty nasty. Anyhow, a few hours later the kitchen island was reinstalled, (oh yes we did have to go there and take apart the kitchen) and everything was put back into place. I now feel like Im back right where I started this morning. We did find the dead mouse. At least Im prying that we did and there isnt another one. Poor thing was under the house directly under the kitchen. As for starting my own blog, I recently stumbled across Blogging and am slowly becoming addicted. I love it! I love looking at all the crafting tips that other women share and I love reading all the silly stories that we all feel the need to express now and then. I want to have one of my own but please be gentle with me. I have only barely learned Facebook and Im completely in the dark when it comes to twitter so Im hoping to learn how to create a nice blog. My reasons so far for creating a blog: 1. I would love to be able to post some of the crafts I do around my house. Some of them are not so bad and may inspire someone else. If not I will willing be your "what not to do" example. 2. I also would like to post pictures and get some advice, mostly decorating. I have a few rooms in my house that I enter and am instantly stumped. (this is different from when I enter a room and cant remember why I even went into the room in the first place- that is a whole different blog post) Sometimes inspiration comes but I hate it when it doesnt and I have no problem seeking the advice of others. Just dont post any comments like "MY EYES, MY EYES ARE BURNING." and "OH NO SHE DIDNT PUT THAT THERE" 3. FRIENDS. I need them. At least I think I do. I brought this up with my wonderful husband last night before bed. He is the sweetest man. His first immediate response was "why? We have each other." This is why I so love this man. But I do sometimes wish I had a girlfriend or two to chat with. Im just so dang shy. Hopefully this will help get me out of my shell. I also add that he was worried that if we did make friends that they would then invite us to dinner. Not really sure why that was a bad thing but Im sure we can handle it. 4. There are more reasons....those amusing stories that happen in my own life, the ups and downs of raising teenagers, getting remarried after being divorced (ugh that dang D word), and Gaining 4 grown stepkids, 10 step grandkids and 1 step great grandkid. Just Life in general I guess. Ill have to see how this goes from here.... :) Annie

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curmudgeon said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. I started last December. You will find a niche and develop followers and soon you will have a whole on line community. It is kind of fun.