Friday, November 20, 2009

My Thanksgiving table...

I have seen some of you decorate lately for Thanksgiving.  I drool over your table decor ALL the time. I LOVE the brown and cream dishes so many of you have. 

One morning while waiting for my son to get on the bus I decided to pull out my sweet hubby's dishes.  We brought them here when we got married almost 3 years ago.  Considering we drove from Idaho to New York with 3 tweens in the car (and yeah it was our honeymoon) - loaded up his house in a trailer and drove his things ALL the way home - I sort of liken the experiance to carting these dishes out west on a handcart.  That I pulled -  by myself.  Might have been eaiser than trying to change a flat trailer tire on the side of the freeway while one of my kids kept repeating we were gonna die!!!  Oh and we did this not once but TWICE! 

Anyhow after tinkering for the morning - I called it good.  Im not having Thanksgiving at my house this year, and I dont have the kids this year for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Which at times I go back and forth between this being a good or a bad thing.  Bad because I will miss them a ton like I always do, and good that I have a chance to curl up with hot apple cider and a good book- if i dont just spend the weekend cleaning out the kids rooms waiting for them to come home (which is what usually happens)

These are the dishes.  They are a bit chipped. but Im just calling them antiqued.

I then tried to put together a center piece - Well, Its not fabulous by any means but it is something.

I then called it good and havent done much since then.  Soooo - (and this is really why I'm blogging!!) I was really surprised last night when my neighbor came over to tell me how wonderful (oh yeah, wonderful!) my table looks through the window.  It almost makes the whole table seem a bit prettier!  It was just so dang nice of her!

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The Whispering Creek House said...

O that is a good neighbor! Thank you for visiting my blog! i am going to look around yours it so nice!