Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lanyard project for Andrew

This is a picture of my lastest project.  Its a lanyard.  I didnt even know what they were called until my son hit high school and has to wear one everyday with his school ID on it.  (Just saying the words high school and my son makes me feel really OLD).  Anyhow he has been complaining loudly and often that his lanyard was ugly and dull and didnt really reflect his personal style.  Im just glad he considers his personal style "Gamer" and not "Chick magnet" or "Party Animal"!

Anyhow since he is a great kid, very good student and I all around love him to pieces (even when he is a moody teenager!) I have been thinking for some about redoing his lanyard (what a dorky name for ID necklace).   I realized while redoing my craft area that I had an old roll of strap material.  I layed it out on my craft table and then went and got some of my sons xbox games for inspirations.  Once Andrew caught wind of what I was doing - MAGICALLY a book appeared by the cording.  This was a bit hint.

This is the part that makes me laugh,  See the logo on the top?  The tiny tiny logo. get close so you can see it - yeah thats it - Warhammer 40,000.  THATS what I was going to have to duplicate.  Talk about tiny inspiration to work from!

So late last night I set about drawing on the pattern and then using markers and acrylic paint I tried my bast to transfer the concept of the book onto the strap.

Serveral hours later I had to call it a night and so I finished it today.  This is what it ended up looking like....

This is the other side....

I put his name on the back and then a few of the war like pictures from the front of the book.  I then cut off the clip from an old lanyard and attacked it to the end with my trusty glue gun.  Im kinda excited for him to see it when he gets home.  Hopefully it will do the trick.

If not im glueing the old lanyard back together and handing it to him...

I do think I started something because I did catch my daughter wrapping it around her waist this morning and musing about how she could really use a new handpainted belt.......... Oh the work I create for myself. 

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