Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tips for keeping a Christmas Tree alive longer!

Well its that time of year again!  My Christmas tree stand opened yesterday!  For anyone local that means I will be at the corner of State and Edgewood in Eagle Idaho almost everyday from now until Christmas!  It is supposed to be really cold this year so Ill be the one totally bundled up!  No worries tho cause I do love selling Christmas trees!

Anyhow I thought that I would pass along a few tips that I have learned along the way to help you keep your tree green all year long.

1.  When your picking your tree and you run your hand through it and half the needles come off - skip it.  Most trees with drop a few needles or picked up a few loose ones in transport but a ton of needles is not a good thing!

2.  Acclimate your tree.  If its cold out and your tree has been sitting outside in 30 degree temps (lower or higher) and you buy it and then immediately set it up in your nice and toasty 75 degree house, well, your going to shock that tree a bit.  The best way to do it is to buy your tree, put it in your 50 degree garage overnight, and then your house the next day.  Let it warm up a bit first.

3.  Make sure your tree has a fresh cut on the bottom.  A good tree stand will cut off a few inches at the bottom.  this will ensure that your tree is able to drink up as much water as possible and stay healthy.  My husband also recommends 3 tiny v cuts in the bottom.

4.  WATER!  I have heard so many recipes, secret ingredients, etc to add to your water to keep it alive longer.  I do think alittle sugar may help.  BUT regardless, the biggest thing is to just NEVER let your water well in your tree stand go dry.  Why? cause as soon as that happens your stump starts to dry and wont be able to absorb as much water when you do remember to water it again!

5.  I do think that Nobles tend to live longer than Grands.  Plus I like them better but that's just my personal preference.

6.  I'm not sure how to write this one but if you buy the best tree on the lot, strap it down haphazardly to the roof of your truck and then fly down the highway doing 90 mph, well that tree may not live very long.  If your going to transport a tree for a long distance (like up to your cabin or grandmas house) ask for a tree not yet unwrapped.  I know it looks funny and you don't think you will get that perfect tree but I have several people that do that every year and then have a big opening once it is standing in the family room.  I have never gotten a return tree because it was a bad tree once they opened it.  But then I try really hard to make sure my trees are great trees, just sayin.

All in all it is a lot of common sense.  But sometimes we all forget with the craziness of getting ready for Christmas!

Oh another tip.... you know those little mole bumpy things on the trunk of your tree?  Pop one every now and then and let the sap inside open to the air.  It will make your tree smell stronger longer :)  Which for me is the best part of a live Christmas tree!!

Well, I'm done and now have to go get ready for work!  Everyone stay safe and have a stress free and fun Christmas Season!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My new job selling CHOCOLATE! & a giveaway!

I have fallen behind on my blog posts and for that I apologize  I have been really busy getting everything ready for our Christmas tree stand in Eagle Idaho.  I also have a new job that I'm so excited about! 

I'm a Dove Chocolate Discoveries Chocolatier! 
I get to sell chocolate!  How much fun is that!  Add to that it's Dove chocolate so its one of the best quality chocolates around!  I have the options of selling the chocolate one on one, online with my own website, or better yet hold a CHOCOLATE PARTY!  What is that you ask?  Think getting together with your friends, relaxing and catching up while you sip one of several kinds of Hot chocolate or a chocolate martini!  Then you get to taste several of the chocolate candies as well as a couple of the chocolate desserts!  Is this not the funnest job EVER!  I love that people get excited about coming to a party and volunteer to host! 
Doesn't this look yummy?

The chocolate covered fruit, almonds and cinnamon dusted chocolate almonds are to die for! These also make awesome Christmas gifts!

Craving chocolate yet?

I had been searching for something I could do for a long time.  I had a list... set my own hours around my kids, no stress, something I love and enjoy, get to meet new people and sell something that most people on the planet love.  Dove just fit perfectly.
Here is a link to my website:

Please go check it out and come back and tell me what you love best.  I will add that if your interested in joining me - contact me and we will talk.  Its a great way to earn money and love what you do!  Its easy- there are 3 kits to choose from.  The smallest kit is only $49.00 but gives would all the supplies to get you started!

I also want to add that right now if you place an order of $30.00 or more you can get the tote bag for $10.  its so cute I cant decide where or not to keep mine or give it away as a gift!  

 Any orders placed will ship directly to you - no hassle at all :)

Since I'm so excited and want to share the chocolate love that I am also adding a giveaway:

The Sugar and Spice Bundle
regularly 28.00

To enter all you need to do:
*Check out my website and tell me what is your favorite* 1 entry
*follow my blog* 2 entries
*blog about my giveaway* 3 entries
*place an order* 4 entries

The giveaway will end December 10th at midnight!  I will use to generate a winner.  US residents only.

Thank you and take care,

Stacie Ann (Annie) Rose

Friday, November 5, 2010

Brand new Chemical free skin care line!

I have been meaning to post this for a few days now.  Am I the only one who blinks some days and it is time for bed?  I hope not.  Anyhow This post is about the new skin care line Im a part of that is about to come to the US.  It will be launching in February 2011 with a name and packaging.  I really hope you will take the time to check out this post!

Why is this skin care so special?  Because it's All natural and TOTALLY Chemical free.  This isn't one of those products that "claim" to be natural and yet still has unhealthy chemicals in it or unneeded ingredients to help it bind together.  Plus, it just makes your skin feel AMAZING.  Really! We are all using it at my house - my kids, myself and even my husband.  oh yeah - he loves it and so that says alot.  Right now they have a day cream, night cream, and anti- aging cream but plan on introducing 5 products in February 2011 with more products to follow.

Right now we are looking for people interested in team building, selling the product when it launches. (kinda like hiring the employees right before a store is about to open).  The reason for starting now is so that everyone is ready for the launch date.  You know how time flies by - Feruary will be here before you know it!

As for more information about the company you would be working with here is a great link....  Many companies were very interested in buying the rights to these skin care products - Avon, Scentsy, and a few others but the Huntsman corporation picked it up as soon as they learned about it.  They are very excited about picking it up.  They want to provide Healthy on the inside and outside for everyone!  They also sell the product Jus - an antioxidant drink.    Here is my Jus page!

I'm linking up the presentation.  Its not very long but it is very informative.  This really is the chance to get in on the ground floor of an amazing new product.  Plus its healthy and fun.  I feel good about selling a product I love myself.

I also want to add that I am not a salesperson.  I just really love this product and want to share it with you.  Plus I want to give everyone the opportunity to get in on the ground floor.  My husband and I are just down to earth family oriented people that spend our free time fishing together or doing things with our kids.

Please email or call me if you would like more information.  208-884-3941 or

Friday, October 29, 2010

Making Grape Juice

I have been busy juicing grapes lately.  Our grape vines were loaded down this year so I just couldnt let them go to waste.  I ended up just juicing them and canning them without sugar because I like to sweeten it when I pour it for the kids.- I just love the smell of the house when I'm juicing grapes!

Oh and I wanted to add this photo of my daughter - It was taken this summer while she was at camp but we just got it and I'm loving it!  It is sooooo cute of her.  She is growing up too fast!

And here is another one of my favs.

I hope everyone is ready to have  great Halloween!!  I have also been really busy getting things ready for our Christmas tree stand.  Im super excited as well because it looks like I may be doing a Halloween store as well.  HOW COOL IS THAT!!  as you can tell Im very excited!

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Story of Cosmetics (2010)

This is a video every woman and man should watch.  After you do look up your own daily skin, hair and body care products on the Cosmetics Database and see how toxic the products you use everyday are.  Make smart choices when it comes to buying these products for your self and your family.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Eyeball Globe light

A few weeks ago I spotted a project from Easy Peasy Grandma for eye ball lights.  I totally loved the idea of it but didn't think it was doable because I didn't have the materials.  That is until I went to the local goodwill and found a round light just the right size for my own eyeball!

All it took was the light I bought for a DOLLAR! and some acrylic paint I had around the house.  Paint the eyeball and them paint red lines to make it look a bit scary. Then put an electric tea light inside to make it light up!  Easy and very cool!  My kids loved it up on the shelf with our Halloween decor. 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Scensty Buddy WINNER!

And the winner to my first ever blog Giveaway!!......


Miranda Ward
Mommy Is Sweeping

I will be contacting you by email to let you know you won and get all the details for your Scentsy buddy!  Thank you so much to everyone that participated and all my bloggy friends!

Congrats Miranda!

I used to select the winner.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My problem in my son's room

I want to start off this post by saying that this is mostly in jest.  Only mostly.  Part of me is bothered enough by it to post but most of me is just trying to shrug it off and laugh over it.

Let me enlighten you...

Here is my special needs son Anthony's room.  He has a game room that holds all his toys and things and so his bedroom is just a place for sleep. 
his bed

his comic books above his dresser
his chair with his favorite Darth Vader and dog
Ok now here is the part that brings fear every time I go into his room to clean or make his bed.  Look carefully in case you may miss it.  **Hint** its just not something you see in every 16 year old boys room.
and this one

see them peeking away int he corner?

And my all time fav....

Do you now understand?

The thing is, Anthony went a while back through a rather intense LOVE of Wizard of Oz stage.  Just recently in fact over the summer.  I mean LOVE.  Word got out of his love for the movie so much that the women in my church found out and guess what they had laying around after girls camp.  You guessed it!!  Large cardboard Wizard of Oz figures.  Everyone needs some of these!!  Im kidding.  Actually it seems a bit strange in my sons room and they sometimes freak me out when I go into his room.  But, as a mom I will do my best to tolerate them because my son LOVES them.  Im hoping he will tire of them eventually.  Oh and the puffy colored paper balls are also sometime he loves and I pretend are not there.  Oh kill me now lol!

So now you know my greatest Halloween SCARE!

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Halloween craziness!

It's been a crazy couple of days for us here.  But then I know most all of us have crazy days so I know you will understand.  Along with Halloween decorating, October has brought us our welcome to fall colds!  Yeah! 

After spending the evening with one child who projectile vomited and another who kept getting up because he knew a tornado was coming,  Well lets just say  I was alittle tired today.  So with my daughter home sick from school the dishwasher proceeded to break down.  Why is it that when this happens I not only proceed to tackle the laundry, clean the kitchen, fix the dishwasher and while I'm at it repair the ice maker?  Oh and then top it all off with surprise company coming over to see my Halloween decor.  Oh help me now!  Funny thing is, as hectic as the day was, the kids are all happy and asleep, we had a big spaghetti dinner after everything managed to get repaired, and the company came to what actually looked like a clean house! 

So tomorrow will be a new day and it's already looking good!  As I head off to bed I thought I would sit and post a few Halloween projects I did over the weekend.
I made the eye balls to go on my coffee table.  I got the idea from Flamingo Toes .  I just covered golf balls in some ripped gauze.

Here is my mantle in my family room!  Does it need more? I keep thinking it needs more.

My spooky spider web my niece Sammy and I put up on the stairs.  We had a fun time wrapping the web!

Sorry the photos aren't the best.  Yes I still have a new camera on the Christmas list!  I want to do a few more projects before my twin boys 16th!! birthday coming up!  So much to do, so many things to sidetrack me along the way!

Friday, October 8, 2010

My Halloween entry way

Sorry that I  havent posted lately!  I have been under the weather lately.  I have been working on my halloween decor.  I thought I would post a pic of my entry way so far...

Seriously why do I never see cords until AFTER the photo?  Plus I am still putting a new camera on my Christmas list!!

I still need to work on my jar of skulls but it is coming along!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Tombstone Polish

I made this last night and painted it this morning - Another amazing and fun idea from Dave Lowe Design

I also worked alittle more on my Speciman jar display.  WHY OH WHY did I get rid of my sons rubber snake! LOL

I am hoping to work on the labels and get them finish up soon! 

Lovin Halloween! 

Happy Monday everyone!

Oh and Dont forget my Scentsy Buddy Giveaway!


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fake Dripping candles

When I saw this on Dave Lowe Designs , I just wanted to try and make some for myself.  They are so cool and add an extra flair to my Halloween decor.

All you need is a toilet paper roll, a glue gun, a mini tea light (electric), and cream paint.

It was actually a fun project to do.  Just messy!  Rip the top off your toilet paper roll to your desired height.  Then take your glue gun and drip TONS of glue all over until you get the desired affect.  Then when it has all cooled paint the whole thing cream.  Once done stuff the center with toilet paper and the rest the light just hidden inside your "candle".  Then your done!

It looks so cool.  My photos hardly do them justice!

***oh and dont forget to sign up for my Scentsy Buddy Giveaway!****

Rolled felt Pumpkins

I was feeling under the weather yesterday and wanted a project that I could work on  while I relaxed.  After going out to my workroom I grabbed several colors of felt and went to work.
I ended up making a snowman pin and 2 pumpkin ponytails.  They were very easy to make- Just roll the felt and secure with a dab of glue.  Then take a piece of brown felt for the backing.
They came out really cute.  I had thought about headbands and still might try one but my daughter wears ponytails all the time!

In the end they did the trick - I had relaxed and had fun!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

**Oh and dont forget to sign up for my Scentsy Buddy Giveaway**

Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Scentsy Buddy Giveaway

Arent these just SO cute!
A long time ago I realized that unless your house looks like an episode of Hoarders, the way your house SMELLS far out weighs how clean it actually is.  Trust me on this!  I have learned from years of experience.  So I was grateful last night after my husband cooked FISH to head over to my sisters for a Scentsy party!  (oh and btw Mr. Sweetheart, the fish was great, just really smelly)

I had a great time smelling all the wonderful to die for scents, seeing the new products, and chatting with other women!  My favorite part was my small niece (she is 2ish) who dragged me over and pointed and "chatted" at the Scenty buddy on the display.  Even without being able to understand her I knew exactly what she was saying " I want this".  It was just too cute.  I ended up buying one for my daughter.  She is 13 but actually squealed when I told that I had bought her one because I was so proud of her good grades this year (3.8 gpa!!)

This is the one I bought my daughter - she LOVES monkeys!
It was at the party that I decided to Share the love with all my new blogging Friends!  It has almost 4  weeks since I started really blogging and it has been such a positive experience!  So, In the spirit of sharing the love I'm giving one of you a Scentsy Buddy!

They have 6 different Buddies to choose from along with a Scent packet!  There is also a website your child can register their Buddy and play online with!

Since I cant give everyone a Buddy.  Here is what you need to do to enter:

Mandatory Entry:

Go to Scentsy consultants Stephanie & Sam at 2 Sassy Sisters and check out the Buddies!  Then come back and leave me a comment saying which Scentsy Buddy and Scent packet you would LOVE to receive!  Also please leave your email so I can notify you!

Additional Entries (leave a separate comment for each one please) :

* Follow my blog* 1 entry
*Grab my button* 1 entry
*Follow me on Facebook* 1 entry
*Make a Scentsy purchase with 2 Sassy Sisters* 3 entries
*Blog about this giveaway* 4 entries

My Giveaway to you will end October 21 at midnight.  I will use to draw a winner.          US Residents only.

I love Scentsy… the company in no way sponsored or is representative of this post.  I’m doing the giveaway out of the goodness of my heart to show you all how much I appreciate you!

Thanks Much and Good Luck!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ghost Town

After spending the last couple days walking by and staring at my little village with a glimmer of an idea- I decided to do something about it!  I bought these little houses at the dollar store.  They sit up on my window in the kitchen.  (actually I kinda move them around).  I noticed that the backs were just blank!  oh yeah baby - totally ok for me to do something with!  I will then just turn them around when I want my cute little village back.

So I did.  I would have done a tutorial but LITERALLY all I did was turn them around and paint them with black, grey and yellow.  And not even very neatly I might add because I wanted them to look rough - they are haunted after all! 

I am thinking tho that they need a ghost or two on the sides or a tiny tombstone.   lol  oh I'm having too much fun!
Now I need to go find a cute idea for a Halloween plate!

** Reminder - I have a Scentsy Buddy Giveaway starting on Sept 30!  Be sure to drop by and check it out!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Skeleton Gourds all done!

3 more skeleton ghost gourds all done and waiting a varnish spray.  Yep, my whole morning!  At least they are almost done and ready to be picked up. 

Bones are drying in the oven.  Im off to my next project!

Monday, September 27, 2010

My Other Hobby

Since my projects today seem to all be in the final stages but not quite finished,  I thought I would show you a few photos of my other hobby.  Painting minitures.  I started when my son started to get into Warhammer 40,000 playing the minitures game.  It turns out that these minitures come grey and unpainted.  Really suprising considering how much they cost. 

Anyhow, I was then recruited to paint.  Here are a few of them...

And Necrons

That is my lamp, flower pot, and tissue box in the distance to show you approximate size.  They take a while to paint, but like most parents know - I do it cause I love my son! 

Got to run  - have to go play Risk!

My busy Monday!

Oh My Goodness!  Am I the only mom who goes through this?  It's this moment on Monday morning right after all the kids are off to school.  Its like time stands still and I'm able to clearly see my house in a whole new light.  I think I must have spent the entire weekend with rose colored glasses with regards to my house.  Especially if all the kids are relaxed and happy. 

Until Monday morning. 

Then my eyes seem to pan from one side of the room to the other side, room by room taking in all the little messes the kids left behind, the dust that has been stirred up and settled and little paw prints all over the place from the dogs!

Oh the HORROR!

Not that the house was falling down on itself, but it really needed some TLC.  So I dug in and got to work.  I also have been base coating an order of 3 gourds and 2 more for my Etsy store (if they don't sell before I get them posted).  Plus I'm hoping to do a giveaway of a set of 3 of my "graveyard bones" mainly because my sisters want some and don't want to make them. lol oh well :)  Whats a sis to do!

Hopefully later I will have another post with some badly taken photos and a new Halloween project to share!

Happy Monday!  Please tell me Im not the only mom that deals with this!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Libby's Dessert!

Libby has been wanting to practice a recipe that she will be making in Home Ec next week.  So Sweetheart ran to the store and bought her the supplies and she got to work. 

The tutorial for these is fairly simple.  Prepare rice crispy treats using Cocoa Krispies.  Once done scoop into buttered muffin tins and with buttered fingers shape into a bowl.  Chill.  You can then fill them with pudding or ice cream.  She choose chocolate pudding with chocolate sprinkles on top! 

A great desert recipe for a 13 year old to make!

They look so yummy!

Heritage Lace - great Halloween additions!

Since Halloween is at our house in a big way this year I have been searching the web for various ideas.  My kids have definte requests "less cute, more gore"  I am just not comfortable with TOO much gore.  I ran across a store and instantly fell in love with their Halloween valences, light toppers, and mantles.  Their name is,

I love their Halloween lace!  I cant decide which one I need to put on my mantle - the spiders or the bats.   SO cool!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I've got my eye's on you!

Im lookin at you!  ok just kidding.  I just wanted to share my Halloween eyeball lights that I made.  VERY ease and VERY quick - gotta love that!

All the materials you need are the ball lantern lights and green black and red acrylic paints.  Paint a large green circle and then a smaller black circle for the center of the eye.  Then using a smaller brush pain on the blood shot veins.  Easy!
You can then hang them anywhere.  I hung them down my stairs. - I plan on adding a garland as well so I will post as soon as I get it done!

Hope your enjoying your Saturday!