Tuesday, April 27, 2010

From Little girls room ......to young womans room

After about a year of begging from my daughter Libby to change the color of her room we finally just went for it and painted the room!

Sooo....After a new paint color, removal of ALL pink, new bedspred, addition wicker, new lamp and a bit of cleaning and straigtening her room was finished.

I have to say that everyone LOVES the new room.  When she got home we showed it to her and it was fun to see her tear up with excitement.  Made the whole weekend worth it!

Here is a "BEFORE" pic of her room...

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Stitch a Wish Designs said...

Love your daughters new room! I also had some begging from my little girls recently (almost 6 and 7 1/2) to redo their room, I did and they love it! Great job, love your blog! I am actually making the fake drip candles today!

Thanks for sharing! Michelle