Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Out in the WILD!

 Looking out my office window I spotted this bird perched up on my neighbors house.  I quickly called in Otis and Libby and we watched the large bird in awe and admired its beauty.  We watched for several minutes while it looked around so carefully....
Then it slowly crept down off the roof and onto the ground around our neighbors pond.  Our neighbors have the prettiest pond out front of their house.

We then watched as the crane dove down and scooped up one of their pet KOI and swallow it whole.  It was both shocking and amazing to watch all at the same time.  Which is why we dont have a photo!  When we realized that the bird was planning on catching himself another yummy meal, Otis went out and made some noise in the front yard to scare the bird away. 

It wasnt until later that what we feared had come true.....That all the fish in the lower pond were gone.  Apparantly the crane knew exactly where to get a good meal and now has a full belly.

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