Monday, May 17, 2010

Anthony and the dogs

Anthony wanted to have his picture taken with the dogs the other day and then write a book about it.  He took it all very serious so it was really cute.

We are currently a 3 dog family as we have my sister's new puppy with us and we are potty training her for them.  She has been doing pretty good at the training and since we just finished potty training Sadie it just seems like the usual thing to do.

She is cute but Sadie is still our baby and Sarah is still our resident diva!

Anyhow Anthony finished his book and then took it to school to show everyone.  Anthony is a sweetheart and loves to draw and work on projects.  Here is a picture he drew out of the blue a few months ago and brought it in to us.

Since Anthony has a lot of Autistic tendancies he has an amazing memory and focus on details that others might not pick up on.  He is loved at home and at school because of his warm happy smile and teddy bear personality.  Anthony does not like to see anyone unhappy, treated poorly, or sad as he is always trying to make his fellow classmates in the special resource room smile or laugh.  He is a good judge of character because he remembers all the little and big things a person does good and bad.

Anthony's teachers have said that his progress this year has been outstanding.  I cant believe that next year he will be in High School.  It goes by way too fast.

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