Wednesday, September 22, 2010

blog construction and finished gourd

My blog is currently under some construction.  ( My brother is helping me - he is really good at this) So if you click on and things are changing dont worry. 

Also, unfortunately last night the gourd I made for my sister was STOLEN.  Actually not really stolen as it was really just my other sister grabbing it and running to her car and throwing a check out the window - Really that is just what she did.  After stressing about it my other sister called and I told her I was working on a new gourd today.  I think it is pretty much done.

She needs to pick it up before this one is STOLEN.  (my mother was eyeing the other one from last night so odds are high).  See lol this is why I dont have many gourds yet for my Etsy site - Im a tryin!

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