Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Building a private coffee bar

Now that we are getting into the swing of back to school, there are a few things that I do to get better organized and help my sweetheart and I start our day relaxed and ready to go.

One of those things I do is set up a private coffee bar.  During the summer there is more time to get up later, get ready and dressed and then come into the kitchen and leisurely make coffee.  During school tho, it is more hectic,  alot earlier in the AM and alot more rushed.  I set up the coffee bar so that it is programed and ready to go off and have hot coffee ready for my sweetheart as soon as he is up.   This way he can sip on it while he dresses and gets ready to take Andrew to school while I get Anthony ready for the bus.

This is where I put our coffee bar....

There is a small section of bathroom counter that is pretty much unused.  I am not the type of person to sit and put on my makeup.  I start out by grabbing the coffee maker I want to use for the space.  Ok yes - we have a couple machines.   WE LOVE OUR COFFEE!!

I also put a lined waste basket so that sweetheart can put any trash or used coffee filters (I don't worry - it gets emptied often).  It looks pretty awkward sitting there all alone.  I then go get the other little thing we need in the morning to make coffee the way we like it.

This Includes a canister of freshly ground coffee,  a glass jar holding spoons, two glass containers holding cream and sugar,and  the white jar holding coffee filters.  I then soften the look by adding plants and a decorative jar with coffee beans for look and smell.  YUMMY :) I also do this to get ready for fall decorating and Halloween because for me green plants don't go well with my zombie decorations. So, the bathroom is a great tuck away place for these plants!

When I am finished the bathroom looks like this...

Which works for me and makes me happy.

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