Thursday, September 23, 2010

Halloween Bloody Weapon Garland tutorial

My husband probably thinks I have completely lost my mind.  Mua haaa (ok that is my evil serial killer laugh).  I have been working on a project for my fireplace in my kitchen.  Something EASY, FUN, and FAST for Halloween! 

Halloween bloody weapon garland!

I hope your not thinking I am some sort of sicko.  Remember I'm decorating for TEENAGERS now - more GORE less cute.  Just in case your dying (get it, dying - lol I kill me! ) to make one for yourself I thought I would show a quick tutorial:

poster board (although I think I may cut out a set in think board so I can use them year after year)
Paints-  Blood red, black and grey
weapons shapes - I just downloaded pics from google images = easy cheesy
string or twine

1- take your weapons cutouts and well, cut them out! them trace them onto your poster board!

2-Cut the shapes out of the poster board!

3- paint the weapons a basic black and grey.  Grey is for the blade, black for the handle!

4- using a tissue "bloody" (with the red paint) your weapons.  Have fun with it - Kids would love doing this!  Ok, maybe not small children but my teens would!
5- lay your bloody weapons out to dry!
6- cut the length of string you need and then tape the string to the back of your weapons.  Then hang up.  Now your all set.  I did hang mine alittle lower because I want to put a vinyl Halloween wording in the center of my mantle.


Anonymous said...

We aren't huge Halloween people but everything looks so cool! :) Thank sso much for stopping by! I'm following you back!

Hanna said...

Hi there! I'm your newest follower from the Friday Bog Hop!! Lovely blog you have here! You can find me at

Anonymous said...

OMG I love it!! I am a new follower would love a follow back

Cindy said...

What teenager wouldn't love this garland? And I would say quite creative on your part. Good job!

Thanks for sharing!

Colie's Kitchen said...

I LOVE IT!!! SOooo cute (you know what I mean LOL) My Dad would have thought that was the coolest thing! Maybe we are sickos too lol!! Hi I am Nicole from I found you on a blog hop and wanted to drop by and say hi. I really like your blog, and am now a new follower. I would love to have you stop by Colie’s Kitchen if you get a chance.

Tresa Black said...

This is so clever! Or should I say CLEAVER? And can I just say how jealous I am that you have a fireplace in your kitchen? Thanks for posting on the linky blog hop on my blog!

Meg said...

oh my gosh, woman, you are one spooky Halloween lady! Ha! Great idea!

Becky B. said...

HA! HA! This is so funny! Nice to know that others have a warped sense of humor too!!! Maybe it comes from being around teens alot?!?! Gotta love 'em!

Katie said...

LOVE this bloody weapon garland! Found you via Sawdust & Paperscraps link party!

Amy said...

Wow...yikes! At first I thought maybe you had been watching to much Dexter or Love it. I bet your teens think they have the coolest fire place around. Very cleaver indeed.

Ginger said...

Creative! Thanks for linking up to The Halloween Scene at SSB!