Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hoarders on A&E

Has anyone watched the show Hoarders?  Its on A&E and the season is starting on MONDAY!

I LOVE this show.  Although I will say that I can't watch it for more than about 20 min before I start cleaning a drawer while I watch.  I've even dumped out my purse and cleaned that out while I watched.

here is a photo from the show!
I think part of me watches because I have this intense fear that Im secretly a hoarder.  Does my home look like this?  Thank goodness no, but what if something happened that left me so devastated I fell into being a hoarder.  Oh the horror!  I will be tuning in Monday to watch........   while I clean.

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Heather said...

lol We watch! Did you see the one where they found 76 cats in the house ~ 30 of them dead?!?!? EW ew ew ew ew! :p