Saturday, September 4, 2010

A new Chalkboard

The kids walk in the house....

me:  "Hello hun, how was your day?"

Kids (anyone of them lol ):  " fine Im starving"

me:  " you can have a small snack but then wait until dinner"

Kids:  " ok but IM STARVING"

Then I spend the rest of the evening telling them to stay out of the pantry.  This isnt very long because we normally eat at 5:00! LOL  Oh the torture of waiting 2 hours!  This is not new for us and the reason we eat so early - plus I would rather they eat ALL their Dinner and then have DESSERT!!  I have to push weight on my kids so this is a good thing for them ....  VERY BAD thing for me (and my waist line ).

Anyhow, after this scene played out day after day last week when the kids got home I decided to remedy the situation and make a new chalkboard.  I have no idea where the old one went.

I was lazy and just used an old frame and painted it black.  Im going for a steampunk look in my house lately so I added some metal accents that I also painted bronze.  I then made it beat up looking because I wanted it to look old.

Here is my finished product:::

Normally it says menu and what we are eating for the night but yesterday was my hubby's Birthday and I didn't cook.

oh well ... works for me :)

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