Sunday, September 5, 2010

lanyards for school IDs

My son Anthony just started high school this year.  Aside from his excitement over the school store, the other thing  he asked for right away was a lanyard for his ID like his brother Andrew.  I had painted Andrew a lanyard last year so it looked like another lanyard was in the works.

Anthony LOVES all things Star Wars.  So much so that when he found out I was making it for him we sat down together to look at potential ideas online.  He had several definite opinions on what he wanted.  After a bit I penciled it out with chalk and then went into my craft room to paint.

Since Star Wars is pretty much outer space I decided to go with a black strap and paint details.  Good and bad because it took several layers to get it as bright at I wanted.  Here is the finished product along side Andrew's.  His is mainly the logo on one side and his name on the other although there is a pretty good death star on the back that unfortunately you cant see.  Ill have to post a different pic later.

 Libby is already trying to decide what she wants for next year lol!

I will say that if anyone does read my blog (huge LOL here) and would like something painted for their teens ID let me know and Ill give it a try.

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