Thursday, September 23, 2010

The most adorable bentos ever!

Hello and Good morning everyone!  As my son and I sat in my office this morning waiting for the bus to pull up he asked me repeatedly to google star wars gourds.  He just knows that somewhere out there is a gourd painted like Darth Vader or the Emperor.  Since we had time I typed it in and we sat and looked.  Nope, no star wars gourds.  After I told him that he insisted that I should paint him a  star wars gourd.  Hmmm we will see. 

Anyhow after the bus came and things were quiet I sat here trying to wake up and energize over a cup of coffee this morning - so much to do, so little time. like always with moms.  I will admit I like to type in ideas into google and see what images pop up or where it takes me.  I know, kinda scary in the world of Internet and I do have to be careful.  Hint: don't click on the link "wanna see my gourds" and its a naked woman holding gourds over her private areas"  not that I did, I'm just warning you that it didn't look good.

Well as I did I came across a website that I wanted to share.  Its From a site called Anna the red.  It has the coolest bento gallery!  I didn't even know what a bento was when my kids were little.  I wish I did - some of these are sooooo cute.  And now, I'm afraid if I made some of these for my teenagers, well lets just say my moment is lost.  I thought I would share a few photos....
These bentos are created to help get kids to eat healthy food and have fun.  I never thought about going to all this work.  It makes me regret the "eat this because I said so tactic I used" 
Look how cute this is?  I dont know that I have the time or energy to come up with and prepare something like this. 

This one is just adorable.  I plan on scrap booking this so that when Im older and senility kicks in Ill look through my scrapbooks to remember and see that oh yes I did this every day for my daughter when she was little.  Good times, good times. 

This last one is probably the one I most would have tried (if I had known about bentos) way back then.  Its cute and looks nutricious if not alittle more work than normal.  I dont really remember garnishing many of my kids lunches.  Oh the shame of it!

Anyhow, go check it out for fun - they have a ton of cute bentos that look just to pretty to eat!

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