Thursday, September 9, 2010

My thrift store find!

I was out running a few errands today and decided to stop by our local thrift store and see if they had any "goodies".  I saw this fairly quickly and since it was a mad house today I quickly grabbed it and headed home.

It had potential!  It just seemed to have TOO much going on.  I mean really, claw feet, paisley, the glass jar AND a candle holder on top.  I hoped that I could save it and doing that meant some of it had to go.

I started off by unscrewing it and taking it apart.  (yes for some reason it has a center bar that screws down).

I then cut off the paisley and had my sweetheart cut off the top ball and candle holder.  Sparks were flyin I tell ya!  (And not just the romantic kind!) LOL.  I then touched up the top with metallic paint to mask where it was cut.  My sweetheart suggested I glob it over with epoxy and then sand, seal and then paint but I have not the time, the patience, or the love of epoxy like he does so I just painted it.  Plus I may embellish the top later with something, I'm not sure.

Here is my finished product....

Its probably not a life changing difference, but it works for me!  I am either going to fill it with my grass and eggs or better yet with skulls for Halloween!!  Ill let ya know - for now I'm just happy with my 4 dollar find!


Amanda said...

What an awesome find, and i think the final result is great!

Ginger Gruetzner said...

Looks like it should be a miniature carousel with small horses on the inside.