Saturday, September 11, 2010

Paper Flower magnet Tutorial

Today Im posting my first tutorial of paperflower magnets featuring my daughter LIBBY!

Here are the supplies you need:

decorative paper
sissors or circle cutter
spray bottle of water
decorative cut sissors

Libby started out by cuting her paper into the circles she needed.  You need 8 total!  She used a circle cutter but you can just trace a circle and cut it out.

She then took her decorative sissors and cut an edge around the circles.

When she was finished she layed them out and lightly sprayed them down with water.

Then she took each of the circles and crumbled them up carefully in her hand.
Then take each of the circles and unfold them and stack.  Be careful not to tear the damp paper!
Once your circles are stacked poke a brad through the center and spread the prongs out.  You can poke it with a large needle if you have trouble starting the hole.

Now take the petals one at a time and fold them all up to the top. They need to be folded one at a time and just kinda mash them - no need to be perfect!

Once they are waded up it looks like this.

Now is the fun part.  Simply lightly fluff out the layers to open up the flower.

And now you have a paper flower!  ALl you have to do now is glue gun a magnet on the back.  You can also glue a tac on the back for thumb tacs or anything else - the possibilities are endless!!

They also work great in her locker and look super cute!

Oh and here is a picture of my daughter Libby !!!

She is my baby!

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