Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pictures from my sisters open house!

Today Sweetheart and I went down to my little sister Karen's open house.  My sister is a realtor for a development call the River District in Eagle, Idaho.  There are patio homes and regular homes with small yards that back up against the water.  They have that warehouse district feel that I love - they are soo cool.  I took out my phone and tried to take a few pictures to show you - I know you will love them as well!
Here is the front of the cottage house style.  Isn't it just so cute! And yes that is Sweetheart standing guard while my sister ran to the clubhouse for something. 
Here is a side view - It has the most amazing balcony on the side.

The entry - I would love this for my kids altho I fear it would always be messy with coats and things!

The kitchen was to die for - I'm sorry I didn't get a better picture of it!

The pantry door is a chalkboard! I want this!

Yes I took a picture of inside the pantry.  But with so many bloggers decorating this space in so many good ways I thought I would share this one - isn't it so lovely?

The boys room

Artwork in the hallway I love!

And here is my lil sis.  She is a wonderful realtor who goes way WAY out of her way to help her clients find the home of their dreams.  She goes above and BEYOND!  But only because she cares so much!

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