Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sideswipped by a bad dog haircut

I was all set to get the house cleaned and finish up my Halloween decor.  At least enough of it to take a few photos and create a post.  I hope to add to my Halloween decor all the up til the day of.  BUT, I got distracted and thought that I could quickly and painlessly give our cocker spaniel a haircut.  BOY WAS I WRONG!  All her long hair was way over due for a cut, my clippers were dull and she was very uncooperative!  After all that and a bath I layed her down to blow dry her while I brushed out all the tangles - She was FULL of them.  She seemed to like it tho because she fell asleep on my lap.  Just when she was looking puffy and totally cute and bow ready ...

 She rolled over and puked all over my leg, her leg, her ear, my rug ....ugh need I go on.  I quickly washed her off and threw her outside.  Now I'm completely grossed out, my bathroom is a mess, I stripped down and threw on sweats but I wont feel right until I take a shower.  I'm completely derailed.  I think Sweetheart knew I was at the end of my rope when I came in and told him NEVER AGAIN!  There is a reason why I take my baby to petsmart and pick her up all perfect and wonderful.  No mess, no fuss.  So dam worth all the money in the world.  He didn't protest at all.

Oh well, Ill go jump in the shower and try and regroup.  I need to find my Happy place.


Lorie said...

Oh no!!! That stinks! I hope tomorrow is a better day. I can't wait to see your Halloween decorations!!

Twice as Nice said...

We have a cairn terrier and while it's a lot of work I cut his hair. I think it feels like a body massage for him as he loves it. It just takes forever to finish. Then it's the nails and a bath. Pretty much a full day!

Modern Country Style said...

Hi there,

That made me really chuckle to myself. Hope you're okay!

My daughter's name is Anya Rose and I call her Annie Rose!! I LOVE that name.

I'm your new Follower (how could I not with your blog's name!! - plus you made me laugh, a winning combination!).