Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Started my Etsy shop!

I spent most of yesterday and last night (with the help of my brother) setting up my Etsy account and getting it linked into my blog.  I want to add more items hopefully today but I only added 2 last  night as a trial run.  For a long time I just gave my crafts and gourds away and eventually just sold to friends and family so an Etsy shop is exciting! 

I also worked a bit on my Halloween decor.  My niece came over and kept saying that it was cool so that was fun. 

We added bloody plates in the kitchen about the window.

I also wanted to add this picture of our baby - our cocker spaniel puppy.  She sat at the door for the longest time last night because my daughter went outside.  She just sat there pointing at the door waiting for my daughter to return.

It was too cute!

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