Wednesday, September 22, 2010

workin away on gourds & a cool link

I have spent this morning roughing out 2 new gourds.  They are really at the rough stage right now but hopefully soon I will hit that turning point where they start to look like something cute.
A hippy witch and a skelleton ghost!

Hope everyone is having a great WEDNESDAY!  We have having friends over for dinner so eventually Ill have to stop crafting/ painting and get the house ready for visitors! Oh and my daughter has a volleyball game today so I will head over to the school to cheer her on.  (very intense 15 mins lol)

Oh - I found this website that has a TON of cool and fun Halloween stuff.  I think I need about 5000 in credit at the store! WOW I just Love Halloween!
Shrunken heads in flasks!  Why do I totally think I need these?  I do tho.

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