Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tips for keeping a Christmas Tree alive longer!

Well its that time of year again!  My Christmas tree stand opened yesterday!  For anyone local that means I will be at the corner of State and Edgewood in Eagle Idaho almost everyday from now until Christmas!  It is supposed to be really cold this year so Ill be the one totally bundled up!  No worries tho cause I do love selling Christmas trees!

Anyhow I thought that I would pass along a few tips that I have learned along the way to help you keep your tree green all year long.

1.  When your picking your tree and you run your hand through it and half the needles come off - skip it.  Most trees with drop a few needles or picked up a few loose ones in transport but a ton of needles is not a good thing!

2.  Acclimate your tree.  If its cold out and your tree has been sitting outside in 30 degree temps (lower or higher) and you buy it and then immediately set it up in your nice and toasty 75 degree house, well, your going to shock that tree a bit.  The best way to do it is to buy your tree, put it in your 50 degree garage overnight, and then your house the next day.  Let it warm up a bit first.

3.  Make sure your tree has a fresh cut on the bottom.  A good tree stand will cut off a few inches at the bottom.  this will ensure that your tree is able to drink up as much water as possible and stay healthy.  My husband also recommends 3 tiny v cuts in the bottom.

4.  WATER!  I have heard so many recipes, secret ingredients, etc to add to your water to keep it alive longer.  I do think alittle sugar may help.  BUT regardless, the biggest thing is to just NEVER let your water well in your tree stand go dry.  Why? cause as soon as that happens your stump starts to dry and wont be able to absorb as much water when you do remember to water it again!

5.  I do think that Nobles tend to live longer than Grands.  Plus I like them better but that's just my personal preference.

6.  I'm not sure how to write this one but if you buy the best tree on the lot, strap it down haphazardly to the roof of your truck and then fly down the highway doing 90 mph, well that tree may not live very long.  If your going to transport a tree for a long distance (like up to your cabin or grandmas house) ask for a tree not yet unwrapped.  I know it looks funny and you don't think you will get that perfect tree but I have several people that do that every year and then have a big opening once it is standing in the family room.  I have never gotten a return tree because it was a bad tree once they opened it.  But then I try really hard to make sure my trees are great trees, just sayin.

All in all it is a lot of common sense.  But sometimes we all forget with the craziness of getting ready for Christmas!

Oh another tip.... you know those little mole bumpy things on the trunk of your tree?  Pop one every now and then and let the sap inside open to the air.  It will make your tree smell stronger longer :)  Which for me is the best part of a live Christmas tree!!

Well, I'm done and now have to go get ready for work!  Everyone stay safe and have a stress free and fun Christmas Season!