Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Valentine's craft/present

Just wanted to share the Valentine's present I made for my Sweetheart.  I usually try to carve him alittle something to show him just how much I love him!  I made this to sit on his desk.  I just carved it out of a piece of wood we had out in the woodpile.  Shhh, but I used one of my old kitchen knives.  So I probably shouldnt do that.   oh - and he has already recieved it so it isnt a secret anymore - I'm terrible at waiting.

I guess this means I have time to make hime something else.  Plus I'm going to make something chocolate for my kids.


stefanie said...

that is the sweetest ever!!!!

Jill said...

I can't believe it is a tree!

It looks great- the photo is so cool.
Does he know he is getting it?
Well done!

I am a new follower, please come and visit too.


{jami @ i m a g i n e} said...

Super cute! New follower! Would love for you to HOP on by!

xo - jami
i m a g i n e

Chara Lynn said...

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