Friday, June 17, 2011

National Flip Flop Day!

In honor of Nation Flip Flop Day today I thought I would post the flip flops I have been making.  They are super easy to make and cute to wear!.  The photo is my niece modeling her pink flops I recently made.  Its hard to photograph a moving target but she is very cute!  She was all dressed and ready for Grandma Camp 2011!

If your wanting to make some all you need are cheap flip flops, long balloons and sissors.  I just cut the long balloons into thirds and then double knotted them around the flip flops (tightly)  I then cut the balloons into strips and fluffed them up!  I love easy crafts! 

I did make some red white and blue ones for my fireworks stand that I was also going to show but my teenage daughter has been waering them around and just happened to wear them mowing the lawn this morning.  So, lol you can guess that they need a good cleaning!

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