Saturday, July 23, 2011

Going to suck up all the dirt around here!

Yep - It's hopefully going to suck all day long! In a good way tho!  And not in a dirty way either!  I finally decided yesterday that I really couldnt get around not having a little vacuum for the camper.  I need to get it ready for camping and all cleaned out from fireworks but I hated having to borrow one from the neighbors - again.

So, we ended up heading to Costco and buying this nifty little vac!
Stanely Stainless Steel wet/dry vac

Im hoping it turns out to be a good one.  I was thinking last night of all the places I need to vacuum today...

The camper
My craft area
All the crevisis in the garage
around the hot tub
the closets

So now ya know what I will be doing.  I need to get back into the crafting swing of things, well, right after we go camping!  But then I want to start off with a clean slate!

Happy vacuuming all!

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