Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The 2nd day of school

I dont have much time before I have to gently waken (drag their hinnies out of bed) 3 teenagers for school.  Day 2 has got to be better than day one!

Yesterday..  The first day of school!  I got three kids up and ready for that all anticipated first day of school.  Them? no I meant me!  Actually not really because it means a whole school year of 6 am mornings and trying to get the hustled out the door.  Instead of the posed photo of 3 beaming kids, I only got a few candid shots of the kids and they got ready.

He is just brimming with excitement! Cant ya tell :)

He did at least sit down for this shot.

Most of the time he looked like this....

A mini panic attack about not having enough pencils

And then there was Libby...

She managed to look away from the computer long enough to get her pic taken - she was trying to facebook before school!
It went somewhat well - Andrew wants to be there and hour early, Libby would like to be there fashionably late, but finally the two of them headed out the door with Otis driving them to school.

Then all I had to do was wait for the special needs bus to pull up and send Anthony out, get ready for work and I was on my way!  I then had a conversation that was kinda like this.

"mom, I dont feel good"  - Anthony

"I know, hun.  Your tired but you will get used to it" - me

That was about it because by the time I turned around from the window to look at him he was throwing up- ALL over himself.  Oh fun.  I ran for the bowl and we did damage control.  After we got him changed, he still wasnt up to speed to we ended up having him lay down for a while and Otis took him to school about an hour later.

At least they all made it.

So,  as the alarm is just now sounding,  please PLEASE wish me luck!  Today needs to go smoother than yesterday!

Oh and did I mention that through all of this the bus never showed up?


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Happy 2nd day of school!

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Working Mommy said...

Yay for day #2! Hopefully the rest of the year goes as smooth!

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