Friday, August 26, 2011

Anthony and his trophy!

I got a call this morning from my special needs son.  It was cute- he has just learned to use the phone..  He decided that he wanted to go see my new job and that he needed to meet my new boss.  I said ok.

Later in the day we all got ready and drove over.  Anthony was alittle nervous at first to go in.  We showed him around and my boss John came over and introduced himself to Anthony and my husband.  He then told Anthony he could have his own trophy and he could watch me make it for him.  We went into the back room and I made up the name plate.  When we asked him what he wanted it to say under his name, he wasn't sure then finally whispered "the emperor" so we typed it in and he watched at it engrave in the machine.  Then my co-worker Misty mounted it to a base and screwed on the figurine. 

All the way home he was over the moon excited about his trophy!

He ran right over when we got home to show Nana and Grandpa!

He has shown just about everyone his trophy and says it is the best one he has ever gotten!  Im so impressed with how nice my new boss is!  I also really like my one and only co-worker Misty.  It really looks like its going to be a fun place to work!

The best part was when he told me the trophy made him feel like a winner!


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