Friday, August 19, 2011

Bath and Body Halloween items

I was doing pretty well today at the mall with my mom.  Remembering my budget and reminding myself that I really didnt need anything right now.  Still need to get the kids a few clothes for school so that comes first.  Until that is, I walked past Bath and Body Works and saw their....

There Is something about Halloween Decor I just cant walk away from.  Not that I buy everything I see, more that I have to check it out!

I did end up splurging and getting a few things for the house.

Frankenstein plug in - so adorable!

Witches Kiss Lip gloss!  For my daughter :)

Skull Scent for my hubby's car.
Yeah I know, it isnt even close to Halloween yet.  Close enough that stores are setting out all their fun items.  This is going to be a long holiday for me.    Im never going to last!

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Milena said...

So cute! New follower from the hop!