Monday, August 22, 2011

Headaches vs web/blog design

You know how they say there is nothing worse than trying to get sympathy for a headache?  Cause it is a major pain, hard to describe and pretty much invisible to everyone else!  I have found something much worse!  I'm not kiddin ya!  What is it?

Learning web building and blog design!

I know, your totally blown away. 

Why?  because I spent HOURS last weekend working on different aspects of the website I work on and my blog design.  HOURS!  Reading and re-reading instruction on how to do things that when I first go over them in truth it sounds like I'm reading the Chinese instructions.  To an entertainment center laying in 5 million pieces in my living room.  It is just that hard!

Then after the hours of goofing up, starting over, redoing, etc I finally have a breakthrough!  As I do my small football happy dance in front of the computer I always call in my husband to see the new and improved changes.  Can you feel the excitement?

My husband comes in and peers down at my screen....  5 minutes go by and he says nothing.... 

"Arent you going to say anything?" I ask him.

"umm, I cant really see what you have done" is his reply.

"  UGH!  do you SEE that button?  I made it a tiny bit larger.  And instead of popping up on the left, it is now centered!  CENTERED!  Oh and when you mouse over the word it is highlighted in red!  Can you believe it!  Frickin RED!  This is amazing!  My head is pounding from doing all this and you dont even notice the awesomeness of it all?" Im practically falling on the floor at this point.

"oh wow hun, it looks really good.  Love the work.  I'll leave you alone to finish it up." as he makes a backwards crawl out of the room.

He just doesnt see it.

Oh well, I love him anyway! :)  And in reality he does see it , he just doesnt see what a pain it all was to do.

Just like a headache.

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