Tuesday, August 16, 2011

scentsy wax and the carpet

Im sure many crafty women bloggers spent the day coming up with something fabulous.  I on the other hand worked on this....

"scene of the accident"

My son's night light went out during the night.  Always resourceul he went in and grabbed the scentsy plugin that was in the bathroom.  Did I mention the light was behind the door?  Oh yeah, took probably 5 min for that thing to melt and then spill.

A closer look of the horror!

By the time he went to get me it was hard and actually pretty thick.  I wasnt sure if it would even come out considering the color.  I facebooked my friends for help- they recommended paper towels and the iron, so I set to work only to realize I was all out of papertowels.  OH, and I had to for some reason go get my iron - FROM THE GARAGE?  I have no idea why.

Then I went to work...

And more work....

I did get up at some point because I realized my dear teenage daughter was listening to something on the radio that recommended we "all go out and cheat on our man" and something about sexing you up. 

I also began to wonder if this was how Lady Gaga spent her day.... hmmmm

Finally I got the carpet to this point....

Which, is probably as good as its going to get.  I will however have to paint the trim because it stained.   You can kind of see the pink but Im hoping once it dries (I rubbed it with a wet rage once I got almost all of it out to get rid of some of the pink.) it will be less noticable.

Oh, and I grabbed a new lightbulb from storage and fixed the night light.

So, we are hopefully all back to normal.  I hope this isnt the highlight of my day!


Rachel said...

That's awesome. I have some wax on my carpet I will have to try that

NinaLaZina said...

Good Job. Like how all the men have such macho names and then there is ' my little girl!'. Lovely pics. by the way. Newest follower from Friday B. Nina

NinaLaZina said...

I'll have to come back and follow. google playing up right now!!
delete comment.