Friday, September 30, 2011

Makin medals!

I have been really busy with work lately so by the time I get home, I just want to hang with the kids, relax and go to bed.

I wanted to show the medals that we made yesterday tho - Arent they cool!  They look even better in real life.  It is alot of fun making something you know someone will treasure getting for years to come!

Oh - and if you would like the Meridian Trophy facebook page - I would really appreciate it as we are trying to build the page up.  And, if your in the need for Soccor, football,  baseball trophies - just give me a call! - I can hook ya up :)  We can even ship them right to your door!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Car trash can

This may be my favorite idea ever.  I want to do it in both mine and my husbands car as I really hate the trash that piles up. 

I love simple ideas to keep us all organized that don't require remodeling or spending thousands on storage solutions.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chicken dinner!

I thought I share a meal that my kids really love and is fairly simple to make.

Cornish game hens!

Each one of the kids gets their own tiny bird.  They are teens so eating all or most of it isn't a problem.

Just butter then up and pop them into the oven- they come out looking like this.

Oh they look so yummy and smell sooooo good!

I don't know if its just because its a great meal, or the fun of being able to eat like your at a Renaissance fair.  But the kids sure like it!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Halloween Mantel!

I have decorated the fireplace for Halloween! 

What I do...

This is one of the many things I get to do at my new job!  Make trophies!  Its actually alot of fun.  Knowing that someone is going to be very excited to get what your making for them.  That it will put a smile on their face - well, it's a really good feeling!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gettin out the Halloween!

Ok - I cant wait any longer!  I'm getting out the Halloween Decor!  I just cant stand it anymore - The ZOMBIES are beckoning!

Libby went to Homecoming!

Last night my only daughter and babyof the family, Libby, went to her first High school Dance!  It was Homecoming.  Since she is only a freshman and 14 she went with a group of girls and just met the boys there.

We (Libby and I ) had gone to Macy's a few days before and were lucky enough to find the exact dress we had liked online!  We then picked out shoes etc.  It was fun.  Then yesterday while out shopping, Otis and I picked up some earrings to go with her dress.

The girls were so excited and all your could hear were squeals and music  from upstairs the whole time they got ready.

Here is a close up of her earrings and her curls!

 Here they are as they ran out the door!  They met up with more friends at the dance.  They both looked so beautiful!  After all that, I was too tired to craft or anything else- but it was so worth it!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My daughter is going to Homecoming!

This is my baby girl Libby.  Saturday is her first high school dance!  She is so excited.  We went shopping and got her dress, shoes etc so she is all set and ready to go.  Grandma and Grandpa were over the moon excited and taking photos. 

My dad kept patting me on the back and asking me "How are you feeling mother?"  I know that this is probably a new step in my life but I'm just so excited that I don't care.  So what if I'm getting older - I love the new changes in my life and in my teenagers lives.  Yes we are all growing up... In so any ways.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My daughter made cake pops!

My daughter has been wanting to try these for a long time so finally we just decided to go for it!

The recipe was simple -

1 box cake mix
1 jar nutella
melted chocolate to coat.

Libby made the cake, and crumbled it into a large bowl.  She then added the nutella and mixed until it was smooth.  We then scooped and formed balls.

We then stuck the sticks into them and froze them overnight as she had a babysitting job.

The next day they looked like this....

So yummy looking already!

We then melted some chocolate in my tempering machine.

She did have fun dipping the chocolate!

We did have a fun time!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ring from a quarter!

I guess this is what you do when you can't sleep.  And you miss your Mr. Sweetheart so much.

You make him a ring!

It is a silver ring with the words "All my heart forever" engraved on the outside.

The best part?  I made it from this....

Yep!  A quarter.  It does have to be from a 1964 quarter of earlier I think and here are the instructions I used.

It takes a long time.  But it is cool.

Still counting the days till my hubby gets home.  Ugh - still really miss him :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Scanning photos

I have been busy.  I got an idea in my head the other day that since my sweetheart is in NY with his family.  That this is the first time they have been together in years, and that I have most of the family photos here - well, that I would find a way to share them.

I dragged out the old photos albums.  Then I realized that those old photo albums were LITERALLY rotting away the photos.  SO. Not. Good!.  So, I started peeling them out and one by one scanning them to my computer until my mom called and offered her scanner.  I grabbed it all and headed over.  Instead of taking hours to do 100 photos I scanned 700 photos in just around an hour.  AMAZING.

It is the Kodak i1220 and worked wonders for this project!

I then just put them on a zip disc and took them home :)

I am now in the process of downloading all the photos onto a disc as well as a facebook page.  The facebook page I wasn't sure about because its literally putting all the family photos "out there" but I wanted to get them the photos fast and so they could access them at several locations.  I may take it down eventually but for now it is ok.

I so miss my sweetheart and so hopefully sitting down with his kids and going over old times will bring a smile to his face.  Oh and I do think I get a tiny gold star for adding pics of his ex as well, but when I look at them - its history and the past and how can I keep them from loving photos of their mom and whole family.  I hope she doesn't mind and I do think she looks good in them. 

Ugh I miss my husband.