Sunday, September 18, 2011

Libby went to Homecoming!

Last night my only daughter and babyof the family, Libby, went to her first High school Dance!  It was Homecoming.  Since she is only a freshman and 14 she went with a group of girls and just met the boys there.

We (Libby and I ) had gone to Macy's a few days before and were lucky enough to find the exact dress we had liked online!  We then picked out shoes etc.  It was fun.  Then yesterday while out shopping, Otis and I picked up some earrings to go with her dress.

The girls were so excited and all your could hear were squeals and music  from upstairs the whole time they got ready.

Here is a close up of her earrings and her curls!

 Here they are as they ran out the door!  They met up with more friends at the dance.  They both looked so beautiful!  After all that, I was too tired to craft or anything else- but it was so worth it!

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Working Mommy said...

so precious! i am excited about shopping for school dances, but i think i will keep my little one 2 for as long as time will allow!