Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ring from a quarter!

I guess this is what you do when you can't sleep.  And you miss your Mr. Sweetheart so much.

You make him a ring!

It is a silver ring with the words "All my heart forever" engraved on the outside.

The best part?  I made it from this....

Yep!  A quarter.  It does have to be from a 1964 quarter of earlier I think and here are the instructions I used.

It takes a long time.  But it is cool.

Still counting the days till my hubby gets home.  Ugh - still really miss him :)


Working Mommy said...

oh wow...very cool!!


mmbear said...

wow, you made that from 2 quarters? I am always amazed at what some people can think of or do. I am a new follower of your blog thru GFC and would love a follow back when you get the chance. Thanks so much and have a great day!