Sunday, September 4, 2011

Scanning photos

I have been busy.  I got an idea in my head the other day that since my sweetheart is in NY with his family.  That this is the first time they have been together in years, and that I have most of the family photos here - well, that I would find a way to share them.

I dragged out the old photos albums.  Then I realized that those old photo albums were LITERALLY rotting away the photos.  SO. Not. Good!.  So, I started peeling them out and one by one scanning them to my computer until my mom called and offered her scanner.  I grabbed it all and headed over.  Instead of taking hours to do 100 photos I scanned 700 photos in just around an hour.  AMAZING.

It is the Kodak i1220 and worked wonders for this project!

I then just put them on a zip disc and took them home :)

I am now in the process of downloading all the photos onto a disc as well as a facebook page.  The facebook page I wasn't sure about because its literally putting all the family photos "out there" but I wanted to get them the photos fast and so they could access them at several locations.  I may take it down eventually but for now it is ok.

I so miss my sweetheart and so hopefully sitting down with his kids and going over old times will bring a smile to his face.  Oh and I do think I get a tiny gold star for adding pics of his ex as well, but when I look at them - its history and the past and how can I keep them from loving photos of their mom and whole family.  I hope she doesn't mind and I do think she looks good in them. 

Ugh I miss my husband.

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Working Mommy said...

What a wonderful idea!! I am working on a similar project to give to my grandmother for her birthday.