Saturday, October 29, 2011

New personalized photo frame I made

My first soccer season is dwindling down at my new job at the trophy store.  We still are getting orders, but they are nothing like the crazy busy we were last week.  As tired as I was by the end - I have to say it was fun.  I really enjoy putting together trophies, knowing that they will be recieved and reward someone for their hard work.

I did find the time to put together one project.  A frame I have been wanting to make for my step son and his new wife (my new step daughter in law). 

The photo of it isnt the best, but the project came out looking good.  In fact Im going to make one and put one of the photos Otis and I had taken last weekend for our bedroom.

It is an 8x10 plaque with a 7x9 piece of silver/black flexi engraved on the front.  Their photo will go in the middle.  I love working with the engraving machine, and am already thinking of different versions of this for Christmas presents!  If you would like one let me know and I will let you know the costs etc.  I can pretty much engrave any saying etc you want onto the front - how cool is that?!!!

I havent dont much more int he way of Halloween decorating - at least not like I did last year.  Im finding with all the work Im doing I just dont have the energy for it.  Oh well, its life.

My main goal today is to relax, regroup, do alittle house cleaning, some fall yard work (which I dont want to) and then go fishing!  I really hope that happens!

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