Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Moving on with a new project!

Ok, I have been slacking.  Well, to put it more bluntly, grieving.  I will always miss my sweetheart but after a while you pick yourself up and realize life has to go on.  ugh.  dam.

Anyhow, one morning I woke up and decided that it was high time to do something I hadnt done before.  Something that I couldnt do because Mr. Sweetheart didnt think we should.  Sorry dear, your dead...you dont have a say anymore.  After a while I came up with the perfect idea and after work set about making it happen.

What was it????


Libby was my helper!  Once we had them safely in their tub with warming light, we went to work on their house....I picked it up at D&B Supply.

 She was an awesomer worker! Plus we got to use the drill!

All Done!

 Here she is holding one of the chickens.....they are getting alittle bigger :)

 the Ladies in their new home!

 Sadly we lost Mabel, after she was attacked by a neighbor dog.  She was such a sweetheart!
Here are the two remaining ladies.... Betty and Martha.

 Spending some time with Betty...

Who you lookin at??

 Martha chillaxin in the sun....

Here is her "Bring it Bitch" look!

Anyhow they are cute, adorable and funny.  So very glad we did it!

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