Thursday, August 16, 2012

DIY Halloween Noose Necklace

I am starting to try and come up with a few new pre- Halloween projects.  That and Im still so not ready to face back - to - school.  UGH!!

Anyhow here is my first project of the season!

 A Halloween Noose Necklace!

What you need:
twine, thick string or yarn
some sort of clasp.  unless you want to make it long enough to tie!

I got the directions on noose making (learn something new everyday!)  on this website...

here is my basic boring noose.....

I then damped it with plain water and added a few layers of brown paint to age it.  Nooses are old and yucky ya know :)

I then took a clasp i had on hand...

Unraveled the end of the string and tied it on....

 Then tidied the ends....

And then I was done.  Plus it is so hot in my shop that it dried quickly!

It is also why I look like Im melting!!!

Happy Pre- Halloween!

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