Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Eye see you!

I made a jar of eyeballs over the weekend to go with my other specimen jars I use to decorate for Halloween!  

To do this you need:
Plastic eyeballs from the dollar store
an empty jar with a lid (mine was an empty salad dressing jar)
green and yellow food coloring

This is easy.  Plop the eyeballs in the jar.  Add water and then a few drops of green and yellow food coloring until the water is the shade you like.  Then put on the lid.  I then did spray paint the lid a bronze color and will probably add some dust to the top for an aged affect.  Sometimes I do a label,  but in this case it covered the eyes and we like it better this way.   Pics to follow of the whole thing set up for Halloween!

I love easy cheesy!

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