Sunday, October 14, 2012

Necklace Holder DIY

For years my necklaces have been a tangled up mess in a box.  Yeah, not good.  For a long time I just rationalized that it was because I am not a jewelery person.  Oh well...  Then recently we were given another box of assorted necklaces.  Talk about a tangled mess!!!!  After spending some time untangling tho I realized that some of the necklaces were actually kind of nice.  So I threw on a couple one day and got several compliments.  Ok, time to get off my butt then and figure out how to keep these necklaces separate.  Plus it took me a few HOURS to untangle them all!

So,  after doing alittle pinterest research I realized I may have just what I needed already at home....

What I used.....
      Unused metal towel bar
      shower curtain hooks
      bronze paint

Thats it!!!  I had found the towel rack while we were camping.... Yeah an eww what the hell find?! but it got tossed into the camper and then in my craft room.  I then seem to have a collection of shower curtain hooks that I haven't used.

I then spray painted everything bronze.  Let it dry and then mounted the towel bar to the wall.  Then i just hung my necklaces on the hooks and then on the towel rack.  Looks ok and now they wont get tangled!

Love a nice easy project!