Friday, May 9, 2014

Creating my coffee / hot beverage bar

 One of the major changes in my life is that I sold my home and moved to a small town near a military base.  It also meant decorating from scratch.  There was an inset area when I moved in.  The upper cabinets were built courtesy of my fiance but there was no lower cabinetry.  Since this home is smaller and space is limited, I found that my desk fit perfectly.  I had been wanting to make the space a beverage/ coffee bar of sorts for a while so this is my work in progress so far.  
 I am hoping to put a small decorative sign or something above the keurig, I just havent decided yet what that is.  On the table is my keurig, coffee cups, sugar, tea, and other items we use for coffee.  I may replace the desk in the future with a built in cabinet with a mini fridge below (my ideal) but for now this works fine.
 I believe I got the small coffee sign at cost plus world market, and red mugs are from Pier one as a gift from my fiance :)

 I posted this one because of the light - it came with the house and Im hoping to replace it.  It reminds me of an alien landing.  Or a trip to the dr.

Anyhow, a new home means new possibilities and new projects.  Im working on things as I go so wish me luck.  I promised myself I would make more time to blog.

Here is a link to my Coffee bar ideas on pinterest.  Here are some of the photos.  If you click on my pinterest link you can click on the photos there to take you to their original sources.

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