My Family!

Alittle bit about my kids...

Anthony, Andrew and Libby:

Anthony   - He and Andrew are my twins. They were born 10 weeks premature. Anthony was also born with a serious infection. We were told he would not survive. He then surprised everyone by pulling through- such a fighter!. As he got older we realized he wasnt progressing like other babies do. So, after a few doctors, some therapy and a few years he was diagnosed with epilepsy, cerebral palsy  developmentally delayed, strabismus, and a moderate hearing loss. He also has a lot of autistic tendencies  Over the years he has had lots more therapy and 3 eye surgeries but he doing well and has an amazing sense of humor and a great smile. I cant believe he is 21 and graduated from high school! It has been a learning experience being a mom of a special needs child (well um young adult). He is a joy in my life. All my kids are tho :)

Andrew - Graduated and after living out of the house is now back home to help me out!  He is massively smart and is taking some time to figure out what his next step is.  He has brought a whole world of Zombies, warhammer, gaming and everything else a sci fi nut would love into my life. As much as he loves to game tho he is kind and thoughtful and caring. And extremely smart and talented. He loves to read and can read just about any book in about a day. I have to tell him to slow down!

Libby - my baby girl who isnt so much a baby anymore. She turns 19 soon and has her own apartment with her boyfriend Jesse! She is such a hard worker and I'm proud of her for wanting to do things on her own! She is warm and compassionate and helps others all the time. People come up and tell me 2 things about her all the time. That, and she is such a sweetheart, and is so very beautiful. She is both and so much more!